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Cultural Development Workshops


Cultural Development Workshops provides insight into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s histories, values, beliefs, experience and lifestyles. This course is designed to explain the cultural differences that exist, how to appreciate them, understand and accept them.

Jellurgal has produced Cultural Development Workshops as a training initiative aimed at broadening employees' knowledge and understanding of the diverse cultural factors that affect the local community in which they live and work.


History, languages and beliefs vary from region to region, so cultural training is best carried out at a local level, by members of the local Aboriginal community.


Jellurgal's Cultural Development Workshops cover culturally sensitive issues and provide support and advice for those working in, or interested in working in, remote Aboriginal communities, mainstream support services, health and medical services, schools and all areas of government.


Contact Jellurgal to find out more about enrolling your staff to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the diverse cultural beliefs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people.