Fishy addition now on display

Check out this traditional fish trap now at Jellurgal


"This part of the Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful. The tour was amazing. I am still talking about it."

Fishy addition now on displayFish trap on display

The team at Jellurgal have recently added an exciting new exhibit to our display - a traditional fish trap created just for us by Uncle Steve Cora.


The fish trap has been carefully crafted by hand in the traditional way, using traditional materials that can all be found on the mountain, Jellurgal.


The traps work by creating a sanctuary for smaller fish in the creek, which then lure larger fish such as mullet and whiting to get trapped inside.


We are very excited about our latest addition and welcome you to come into the centre to have a look, entry is free and we are open from 8am - 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.