Kids tour Jellurgal FREE* during these school holidays

Discover the history and feel the legend that surrounds Burleigh headland, Jellurgal


"A little running creek with displays, original art work, coffee shop...everything was very special."


I took the walkabout tour with a small group. It was excellent! Besides learning about the local significant sites and oral history, I got a chance to ask questions and hear about cultural aspects that are personally interesting to me. Everybody that I talked to at the centre was helpful and friendly.


Our guide was captivating and inspirational. What a pleasure to learn about her Aboriginal tribe and hear about their special relationship with Mother Earth. Highly recommended if you want to experience something a little different. Be prepared to be moved by her dreamtime stories.


I popped in one morning with my 3 year old son. I had always gone past but never ventured in. What a lovely surprise! A little running creek with displays, original art work, coffee shop...everything was very special. But what's more, my son had a thousand questions which were answered by a beautiful girl who was very patient and knowledgeable and another man who let him play with some instruments. Will be back and next time with money. I had my eye on some of the artwork.


I've lived on the Gold Coast for over 30 years and never knew anything about the Aboriginal history of this region. I feel so enlightened and can't wait to share this experience with my children and grandchildren.


This part of the Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful. The tour was amazing. I am still talking about it.


That was one of the best days I have spent on the Gold Coast. I learned so much but want to know more. I will be back!

Very informative. Kids enjoyed it. A great place to spend the day.